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Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Solutions

With the ever-changing market dynamics and rapidly increasing demand of new business models, there is a need of develop innovative solutions that not only cater to the business need but are cost effective and contribute to customerís revenue generation and profitability.

At DelvetechSoftware, our years of experience and research on ready-made solutions have taught us that every customer has a unique requirement and hence these off-the-shelf software solutions might not be a 100 percent efficient model in every scenario. Our custom-made turnkey solutions not only cater to the exact need of the client but also keep in mind the future growth of the client business.

We pioneer in many of the solutions that are not even available in the market at present as turnkey solutions. Our teams of expertsí works closely with you to determine the exact requirement and understand the business need to perfect a solution that is tailor made for your business. We not only create a solution but work closely with you through the process of deployment and later with the support as well.

DelvetechTurnkey Solutions are designed to maximize return of investments for our customer with cost effective solutions that guarantee quality assurance with competitive pricing. DelvetechTurnkey solution teams utilize latest technology to develop and customize a product/solution to ensure rapid product development and reduce Time to Market.

    Current Industry Focus Areas:
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Retail
  • Inventory & Warehouse Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Hospitality & Entertainment
  • Banking
  • Mobile Work Force / Field Service Management
    Delvetech Turnkey Solutions Offerings:
  • Delvetech Mobility Platform
  • Delvetech Location Based Promotion Platform
  • Delvetech Smart Menu